🌎We Are EverEarn

Development of EverEarn token started in 2021 (months before launch), and was born from a simple initial concept; to provide crypto users the opportunity to hold a cryptocurrency that works to develop a sustainable model for passive income generation. EverEarn (EARN) is a deflationary cryptocurrency token, originally launched on the Binance Smart Chain (BNB), that PAYS holders* a 11% in Binance USA Dollars (BUSD), a stable-coin that is pegged 1:1 to the US Dollar. This 11% reward is applied to all buy, sell and transfer transactions**, distributing passive income on a consistent basis. But more than simply being a transactional volume reward token, EverEarn is here develop a sustainable model for passive income generation through the development of legitimate non-trade initiated revenue streams, feeding back into EverEarn. To put it bluntly, EverEarn is here to make money for its holders and itself. Despite thousands of cryptocurrency projects collapsing as a result of global economic downtrend due to macroeconomic inflation, increased tensions between super powers, supply chain issues and rising costs everywhere, EverEarn is still here. EverEarn has operated for over a year now, having already expanded to Ethereum Mainnet, and now onto Polygon. Existing on multiple blockchains increases exposure of EverEarn to an ever widening audience, to ensure the greatest chance of continuous income, stability and success, and eliminate SPFs. The past year hasn't been easy, and we've all seen tough times...and more tough times may still lay ahead of us. But the EverEarn Team continues to push forward with the goal of passive income as a utility within the crypto-space.

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